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During the product deployment it is usually neccessary to establish a way how the issues found during this product deployment phase are going to be resolved. One possible way of doing that is to establish product support team.

The task of the product support team is to deal with issues found by product end-users and making sure that the issue is not just user's misunderstanding of the product function, or problem in an environment in which an product end-user is using the product. If the issue is valid, then the support team member routes the issue/problem to the product development or maintenance team by filing the issue into the Issue Tracking System (ITS).

Another way of routing the issues during the product deployment phase is to allow opening ITS issues to the product end-users directly. In this scenario the product support team does not exist and it's role is taken by product development team. Issues filed by product users are usually routed to one of the product managers which then assign resolving of particular product issue to particular product developer.

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