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Product Manager

A Product Manager is a person making decisions about handling the product issues. In most cases, it is the same person who leads the product development. There can be multiple product managers per single project.

The Product Manager's responsibility is to lead resolving and closing the issues of the product. Product Manager must know the team working on the product, and must know which member of the team works on which part of the product. Product Manager must have an authority to assign resolving of the product issues to the product developers. If there are multiple Product Managers per single product, each Product Manager must know for which part of the system he or she is responsible, and for which part of the product are responsible other Product Managers. This is necessary in order to properly assign or route an issue.

Product Manager is notified by ITS by e-mail about every change in the issues records assigned to his team members. It means that Product Manager receives e-mail every time when such an issue for the product is opened, when the issue is resolved or closed, or when there is change in some of the issue properties.

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