Settings up a project for using the ClassGL library

The following is a description of the Microsoft Visual C++ developerís environment project settings. The description is valid for MSVC 2.0, MSVC 4.0, MSVC 5.0, MSVC 6.0. The section names of the project settings may be changed in future versions of the MSVC.

Preprocessor settings

Add ClassGL.h file to your common-headers-files-directory; or :

Linker settings

1 ) Add the ClassGL3.lib file to your common-libraries-directory; or :

2 ) Follow these steps

Project Files

If you want to use COpenGLView or COpenGLWnd classes, add the MfcClassGL.cpp file to Source Files, and MfcClassGL.h to the Header Files of your project. The MfcClassGL.cpp and MfcClassGL.h files can be found in sample projects in the ClassGL\Examples directory.

In order to successfully compile the MfcClassGL.cpp file you must do these changes in your project's MainFrame class (usually in MainFrm.h file)

If you want other ClassGL toolbars such as "View Navigation Toolbar" or "View Settings Toolbar" then take a look at MainFrm.h and MainFrm.cpp files of ClassGL Example projects and copy related code from these projects.

You might want to use the CreateProjectFiles tool from the ClassGL\Tools directory to create your project using existing ClassGL Example project (or any other project) as an example. In this case all template-project settings/code will be copied to your new project.