bool  LoadThumbnailFromMemory ( SMemoryImage* memImage,, int width, int height, int rotation = 0, int storageType = GL_RGB, int imageType = IMAGE_BY_FILE_EXTENSION );


memoryImage  image memory buffer. Format of the memory buffer is the same as in the LoadFromMemory function.
width width of thumbnail
height height of thumbnail
rotation angle in degrees by which the thumbnail will be rotated relative to original file image. Function behavior on values of this paremeter is the same as in the Rotate function.
storageType desired image storage type (pixel format) . Can be GL_RGB or GL_RGBA.
imageType values of this parameter are the same as in the Load function.

Return Value

true if function succeed. false in case of failure. Additional error inromation acn be retrieved by calling GetLasteErrorMessage() function.


The LoadThumbnailFromMemory function loads image's thumbnail from memory. For JPEG images loading thumbnail might be much faster than loading whole image and then resizing it.

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