CRasterImage class members

Image Create/Load/Save/Clear functions
Compression quality set/get functions
Image properties retrieval functions
Image editing and data retrieval functions
Error info retrieval functions

Image Create/Load/Save/Clear functions
CreateImage Creates and initializes memory space for the image
Load Creates memory space, loads image from the file and stores it in OpenGL-readable format
Save Saves current image to the file in required format
LoadFromMemory Creates memory space, loads image from the memory and stores it in OpenGL-readable format
SaveToMemory Stores image to the memory in required format
LoadAlphaChannel Converts another image into alpha channel and loads the alpha values into the CRasterImage object
LoadThumbnail Loads thumbnail of specified image file
LoadThumbnailFromMemory Loads thumbnail of image stored in memory
LoadFromDIBSection Loads image from a DIB bitmap
Clear Releases image data and memory held by the object

Compression quality set/get functions
SetCompressQuality Sets compression quality factor (available from version 3.1)
GetCompressQuality Retrieves compression quality factor settings (available from version 3.1)

Image properties retrieval functions
GetStorageType Retrieves storage type of the image
GetImageWidth Retrieves image with in pixels
GetImageHeight Retrieves image height in pixels
GetImageData Retrieves pointer to the image data

Image editing and data retrieval functions
Rotate Rotates the image in 90 degrees increments
Resize Resizes image to specified width and height and copies resized image to new CRasterImage object
Copy Extracts specified portion of image to another CRasterImage object
Paste Pastes another CRasterImage content into current object's image
ReplaceColor Replace pixels with specified color (or colors in specified range) with another color
GetPixel Retrieves pixel color and alpha value
SetPixel Sets pixel to specified color and alpha value

Error info retrieval functions
GetLastErrorMessage Retrieves textual description for last error (available from version 3.1)