void TransformPoint( const float* OriginalPoint, const GLfloat* Matrix, float* NewPoint );

void TransformPoint( float* OriginalPoint, const GLfloat* Matrix );


OriginalPoint  Points to an array of three float values. Specifies the coordinates of the point to be transformed in x, y, z order. If the TransformPoint version without NewPoint parameter is used, then the transformed point coordinates will be copied to the OriginalPoint buffer.
Matrix  Specifies the transformation matrix to be used in point coordinates transformation. The matrix is in the same format, as for example, the OpenGL glGetFloatv( GL_MODELVIWE_MATRIX, & Buffer ) function call provides.
NewPoint Points to a buffer for three float values. Transformed OriginalPoint coordinates will be copied to this buffer in x, y, z order.


The TransformPoint method function transforms the given point coordinates using the given transformation matrix.

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