oid SetWindowResizingMode( int WindowResizingMode );



Specifies the window resizing mode. The parameter can be one of following values:

WRM_KEEP_PICTURE Keep the current graphic data in window range while resizing the window.
WRM_KEEP_SCALE   Keep the current scale while resizing the window.


Use the SetWindowResizingMode method function to specify desired projection changes during resizing the object window. To achieve required projection changes, you need to process window WM_SIZE events using appropriate OnSize method function calls.

If you specify the WRM_KEEP_PICTURE value, the COpenGL object will keep the data displayed in the object window during resizing the window. None of the eye point, reference point, up direction settings will be changed by resizing the window in this mode.

If you specify WRM_KEEP_SCALE value, the COpenGL object will keep the current data scale in the object window during resizing the window. The reference point and up direction vector values will be kept. The eye point will be moved away or forward to the reference point to keep the current graphic data scale.

The default window resizing mode is set to the WRM_KEEP_PICTURE value during COpenGL object initialization.

See Also

GetWindowResizingMode, OnSize, GetScale, SetScale