void SetSelectObjectCallback(void (*SelectObjectCallback)( void*, int ), void* hData );


SelectObjectCallbac COpenGL object calls this callback function when an object should be selected. The ID of the selected object will be specified by second parameter of the callback. Ė1 value is used when no object should be selected. Responsibility of the callback procedure is to find SObjectInfo structure for given object ID and pass the pointer to SObjectInfo structure to the calling COpenGL object by SetManipulatedObject method call.

Specifies the content of select object procedure callback. ClassGL will call the select object callback procedure with hData pointer as itís first parameter. The hData parameter usually specifies pointer to the class wrapping the COpenGL object.


Use this method when you want to support object selection/manipulation while rotating or panning in the window associated with the COpenGL object. The COpenGL object will call given callback function in specified modes (with ID of object which should be selected ) when the mouse cursor is clicked in the objectís window. You have to set SelectProcedure callback prior using this method.

This method is available from ClassGL version 3.0


See SetSelectProcedure for a code example. 

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