void SetScale( float Scale );


Scale Specifies a new objectís view projection scale that is to be set. The scale will be set to 1 : Scale .


The SetScale method function changes the scale by which the COpenGL objectís data is displayed on the computerís screen. You need to specify the coordinate system units you are using by the SetUnits method function to make the SetScale function work properly.

Note that only with the orthographic projection will all graphic data be displayed in the scale you set.

With perspective projection only the graphic data in the virtual plane parallel to the computer screen and containing the reference point will be displayed in the scale you are setting. The graphic data beyond that plane will appear smaller and the graphic data in front of that plane will appear larger. This is natural for perspective projections.

The SetScale function uses the Win32 API GetDeviceCaps function to retrieve a VERTSIZE value of the height of the physical screen. Make sure that your monitor values are correctly set in the operating system. Otherwise data you are displaying may not be displayed with the required scale.

See Also

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