void SetLightingMode( BOOL EnableFlag );


EnableFlagSet to TRUE if you want to enable OpenGL lighting (equal to glEnable( GL_LIGHTING ) call ). Set to FALSE if you want to disable OpenGL lighting (equal to glDisable( GL_LIGHTING ) call ).


The method function enables or disables the OpenGL lighting mode. See the OpenGL reference manual for more information about lighting.

The method function is a wrapper around the OpenGL glEnable, glDisable functions.

Note:The SetLightingMode method function uses the current OpenGL rendering context. Ensure that the current rendering context is what you intend to use. Use wglMakeCurrent or DrawBegin method functions to set the current rendering context.

See Also

GetLightingMode, GetNumberOfLights, SetLightState, GetLightState, SetLightModelLocalViewer, GetLightModelLocalViewer