void SetHighlightObjectCallback(void (*HighlightObjectCallback)( void*, int ) );


HighlightObjectCallbackThe COpenGL object uses this callback procedure to notify the caller when object should be highlighted. The hData parameter passed to SetSelectProcedure is used as first parameter of the HighlighObjectCallback callback function, the second parameter is an object ID set by rendering procedure using the glLoadName function. 1 value is used as object ID if no object should be highlighted. Responsibility of the callback procedure is to repaint (or initiate the repaint) the scene where object with specified ID will be highlighted, which is usually achieved by marking the object as highlighted and repainting the scene.


Use this method when you want to support object highlighting. The COpenGL object will call given callback function (with ID of object which should be highlighted ) every time the mouse cursor is moved/moving over the window associated with the COpenGL object. You have to set SelectProcedure callback prior using this method. The same hData parameter as that passed to SetSelectProcedure method will be used while calling the HighlightObjectCallback callback.

This method is available from ClassGL version

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