void SetFitAllInfo( float MinX, float MaxX, float MinY, float MaxY, float MinZ, float MaxZ );

void SetFitAllInfo( float* BoundingCuboid );


MinX, MaxX, MinY, MaxY, MinZ, MaxZ Specifies a bounding cuboid for a selected graphic data. 
BoundingCuboid Pointer to array six float values. These six values specify the bounding cuboid for selected graphic data. The array of values must be in MinX, MaxX, MinY, MaxY, MinZ, MaxZ order.


The SetFitAllInfo method function specifies the bounding cuboid for all graphic data. The purpose of this function is to specify an area to display after a FitAll method function call. After SetFitAllInfo is called, the IsFitAllInfo method function returns TRUE, indicating that information about the all graphic data range is set.

The COpenGL object keeps information about two ranges. One for all graphic data and one for selected graphic data. When this information is set the FitAll method prepares view projection to fit all graphic data into the object window, and the FitSelected method prepares view projection to fit selected data into the object window.

See Also

UnsetFitAllInfo, IsFitAllInfo, SetFitSelectedInfo, UnsetFitSelectedInfo, IsFitSelectedInfo, FitAll, FitSelected