Pan, Rotate, FreeLookRotate FlyRotate functions

void Pan( float* PanVector, SObjectInfo* Object );

void Rotate( float* Rotation, SObjectInfo* Object );

void FreeLookRotate ( float* RotateVector );

void FlyRotate ( float* RotateVector );


PanVectorPointer to three float values which specifies X, Y, Z values of the pan direction in eye point coordinate system.
RotateVectorPointer to three float values which specifies X, Y, Z rotation values in eye point coordinate system.
ObjecObject to rotate or pan. If NULL then scene is panned or rotated.


The Pan, Rotate, FreeLookRotate, FlyRotate functions have the same behavior as DoPan, DoRotate, DoFreeLookRotate, DoFlyRotate functions except that they are not updating view projection matrix and they do not initiate view window repaint. Please see those functions description for more details.

The rotation and pan vectors are relative to the eye coordinate system.

These methods are available from ClassGL version 3.6

See Also

DoRotate, DoFreeLookRotate, DoFlyRotate