void DoSelect (void (*SelectObjectProcedureCallback)( void*, int ), POINT* Point );


SelectObjectProcedureCallback The DoSelect method call this callback procedure to translate integer based object ID (which were stored to rendering context by the SelectProcedure using the glLoadName function) to SObjectInfo* structures. 1 value is used as object ID if no object lies in given window coordinate. Responsibility of the callback procedure is to find SObjectInfo structure for given object ID and pass the pointer to SObjectInfo structure to the COpenGL object by SetManipulatedObject method call.
Point  Pointer to a POINT structure which specifies X and Y window coordinates of an object to select.


Use this method when you want to select object using window coordinates. You have to set SelectProcedure callback prior using this method. The same hData parameter as that passed to SetSelectProcedure method will be used while calling the SelectObjectProcedureCallback callback.

This method is available from ClassGL version

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