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The ClassGL Library was in May 2008 released under new name: SolidKit Library, after adding many major features. Although the ClassGL Library is still available for purchase, we strongly recommend choosing the SolidKit Library instead.

ClassGL Library Overview

The ClassGL Library is a collection of classes for Microsoft Windows XP/2000/98/95 3D/2D graphics applications development, with using the OpenGL and MFC. The ClassGL Library provides data model independent C++ classes for easy navigation in 3D/2D space, objects selection, editing, allows printing with OpenGL, reading/writing GIF, JPEG, BMP, and TGA raster images files using memory formats directly usable by the OpenGL API functions.

The ClassGL Library is targeted at MFC and OpenGL 3D/2D application development learning, as well as at professional applications development. The possible use of the ClassGL Library varies from applications such as simple 3D/2D viewers & modellers, to developing applications for computer aided design in areas like architecture, engineering, mapping, furniture design, interior/exterior design, animation, and image processing. Students, teachers, seasonal and professional programmers will find it very useful to break initial programming effort and to significantly shorten a development time needed to implement essential interfaces and functionality needed in every 3D/2D graphics software application.